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Malvern Trust & Savings Bank "Most Laps Led"

Malvern Trust & Savings Bank
Top 5 Leader/Race to Race
Jesse Stovall
Terry Phillips
Chris Simpson
Jonathan Davenport
Jared Landes

2016 Race Season

Date Track Driver Total Laps Led
April 1st I-80 Speedway Cancelled  
April 2nd I-80 Speedway Cancelled  
April 8th Lucas Oil Speedway Billy Moyer 30
April 9th Lucas Oil Speedway Brian Shirley 45
April 17th State Fair Speedway Billy Moyer JR 30
May 5th Lee County Speedway Brandon Sheppard 20
May 6th Davenport Speedway Chris Simpson 40
May 7th Scotland County Speedway Cancelled  
May 13th Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway Cancelled  
May 14th Deercreek Speedway Cancelled  
May 26th Lucas Oil Speedway LOLMDS  
May 27th Lucas Oil Speedway LOLMDS  
May 28th Lucas Oil Speedway LOLMDS  
June 2nd Southern Iowa Speedway Jesse Stovall 30
June 3rd Lee County Speedway Jimmy Mars 33
June 4th Randolph County Raceway Chad Simpson 25
June 24th I-80 Speedway Jesse Stovall 30
June 25th Adams County Speedway Jesse Stovall 50
July 1st Salina Highbanks Speedway Cancelled  
July 2nd Salina Highbanks Speedway Will Vaught 36
July 7th State Fair Speedway Cancelled  
July 16th Lucas Oil Speedway Jared Landers 48
July 22nd I-80 Speedway Jonathan Davenport 67
July 23rd I-80 Speedway    
August 8th Farley Speedway Chris Simpson 30
August 9th West Liberty Raceway Jesse Stovall 40
August 12th Junction Motor Speedway Terry Phillips 30
August 13th Junction Motor Speedway Terry Phillips 40
Sept. 2nd Lakeside Speedway  JC Wyman 40
Sept. 3rd Lucas Oil Speedway  Jesse Stovall 23
Oct. 1st State Fair Speedway  Cancelled Cancelled
Oct. 7th Lucas Oil Speedway  Billy Moyer 29
Oct. 8th Lucas Oil Speedway  Jesse Stovall 28